EPA's Scott Pruitt: Try To Reduce Emissions? No Way

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"The coal industry was almost devastated by years of regulatory overreach, but with new direction from President [Donald] Trump, we are helping to turn things around for these miners and for many other hardworking Americans", he said.

US -based corporations have lobbied the Trump administration to stay party to the agreement, which they see as good for business. President Trump's recent executive orders have targeted a wide array of Obama policies including regulation of carbon emissions and coal leasing on federal lands. ExxonMobil sent a letter to White House Adviser David Banks in March in favor of staying in the Paris deal.

The White House is expected to announce their decision on the Paris deal at the G-7 meeting in Italy at the end of May.

Bannon, who used to lead the far-right website Breitbart News, is generally opposed to worldwide governance and climate change policy. The Clean Power Plan predates the Paris deal and was not legally based on any worldwide commitment.

The Obama administration joined the accords past year without Senate approval, committing the U.S.to cut greenhouse gas emissions 26 to 28 percent by 2025.

They added, "We can't help wondering if the thousands of university professors, environmental activists, climatologists and government bureaucrats would be so enthusiastic if it were their jobs that were going to be eliminated".

Trump can't pull the USA out of the worldwide pact immediately, though he could begin a four-year process of withdrawing.

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Advisers to President Donald Trump will meet on Tuesday to discuss whether to recommend that he withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord, a White House official said on Monday.

"We own the seat, and we're not going to incur the economic harm that the USA pledge would have imposed", Reavey said by phone.

"This is a campaign promise - a specific promise the president made repeatedly", said Mike McKenna, a Republican energy lobbyist.

By contrast, he said, remaining in the deal would ensure a constant cycle of worldwide criticism because countries have committed to a new round of carbon-cutting commitments every five years.

Major publicly traded coal companies such as Cloud Peak Energy Inc (CLD.N) and Peabody Energy Corp (BTU.N) confirmed to Reuters that they have told White House advisers it is in their interests for the United States to remain in the Paris agreement to ensure there was a global role for high-efficiency coal plants.

It is far from clear how the Trump administration could actually "exit" the Paris agreement, assuming that it wants to.

Trump may also choose to stay in the agreement and reduce the emissions commitment. "The coal companies and oil and gas companies that are flirting with the Paris agreement don't understand the existential threat that they're buying into".