For second time this week, Trump jabs at Canada over trade

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On Twitter, dairy lobby groups in Canada were quick to point out imports of dairy goods far outweighed exports, and much of the inbound trade came from USA dairy farms. Canada's dairy sector is protected by high tariffs on imported products and controls on domestic production as a means of supporting prices that farmers receive. -Canada trade dispute, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Canada had recently imposed duties on ultra-filtered milk.

Earlier this week, Trump blamed Canadian dairy policy for driving American farmers out of work, and he ratcheted up his anti-Canadian invective Thursday from the Oval Office by calling Canada's actions a "disgrace".

MacNaughton said it remains to be seen how quickly NAFTA talks can get underway because of a looming election in Mexico, and the fact the U.S. Congress still hasn't granted negotiating authority to the Department of Commerce.

It was Trudeau's first comment since Trump first attacked the Canadian dairy industry on Tuesday at an event in Wisconsin.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau countered Thursday, contending all countries guard their agricultural industries for "good reasons".

"We're going to call Canada and we're going to say 'What happened?'" Trump said during an appearance at a Snap-On Inc. tool plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday.

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"Americans of all stripes have had long-standing issues with our supply management, and we actually did a tweak on the dairy [policy] last year and this year which effected some of these exports of unfiltered milk into Canada", he said.

In a story April 18 about a trade dispute between the US and Canada over milk, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Canada had chose to impose import taxes on ultra-filtered milk.

US President Donald Trump has delivered another broadside against Canada and this one is the most sweeping yet. The U.S. says it's raised concerns about the policy change. "It's a disgrace", he said. He also criticized recent pricing changes for dairy ingredients in Canada for making USA imports less competitive and costing Americans revenue and jobs.

"Time and again Canada has demonstrated its disregard of its dairy commitments to the United States - hampering America's exports to Canada - while pursuing ways to use its government-controlled system to unfairly dump greater Canadian exports in global markets". There were allegations from Governors of Wisconsin and NY stating that the trade practices of Canada are responsible for the financial crisis faced by the farmers in the US.

He said both he and Ottawa would continue to speak out for Canadian interests when necessary, and expects US politicians to do the same.