Google Maps now remembers where you parked your car

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In case you forgot where you parked.

Google officially rolled out the new feature on Tuesday, which it reportedly beta-tested for Android users last month. Once you reach your destination, take out your phone and launch the maps app. Making sure that the location services are turned on, tap on the blue dot then select the Save your parking option. You can even take a photo of your auto in your parking spot, letting you see exactly what landmarks to look for when you leave. You can also send your parking location to friends.

The new feature is available on both iOS and Android, Google said in a blog post.

Although often used as source for comic relief, forgetting where one parked one's auto is enough of a problem that Google designed a feature for it. Besides, a reminder alert of 15 minutes before the meter expires can also be set by the users, as per NDTV Gadget 360 Degrees.

Wandering aimlessly in search of your parking spot could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the latest update to Google Maps.

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The feature is better still on the iOS version of Google Maps, where users can take advantage of a feature originally used for Apple's Maps app.

The location will then be saved and a label added to the map showing where the vehicle is parked.

The new feature is going to be a lifesaver for those who travel to new places quite often and often lose their way back to where they parked their vehicle - especially in crowded areas. Users will then see a label on the map.

iOS also gets automatic parking detection that uses USB audio and Bluetooth to automatically track when you leave your ride. The following pop-up card will let you add more details like snapping a photo of the cark, or other notes.