'Masters of the Universe' Gets a Release Date, Loses a Director

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The film is now set to hit theatres everywhere on December 18, 2019.

However, a new screenwriter has been brought on board in hopes of attracting new talent. Countless directors have flirted with the property, and plenty of writers have taken a crack at the script, including writers Alex Litvak and Mike Finch, who initially worked on the script over six years ago, circling back to try again most recently.

'Masters of the Universe' Gets a Release Date, Loses a Director
'Masters of the Universe' Gets a Release Date, Loses a Director

McG previously spoke about his adaptation of the fan-favorite cartoon/toy series, even going so far as to say he was "laser-focused on that being (his) next film". However, the director has since dropped out, and the studio is looking for a new filmmaker to step-in as we speak. The Charlie's Angels and Terminator: Salvation filmmaker McG has been attached to the Masters of the Universe reboot since early 2016, but it appears he's since fallen off the project.

According to Entertainment Weekly, McG is no longer attached to the film, although no reason has been given for his departure. Goyer, however, has reportedly been hired to write a new screenplay. The publication cites a source "familiar with the production", who also claims that Man Of Steel and The Dark Knight Trilogy scribe David S. Goyer is writing the new film. Twilight star Kellan Lutz is the name, and McG said Lutz would be considered "very, very carefully".

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