Microsoft To-Do: the end of Wunderlist

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The company has announced a new application "To-Do", built by the same team that's behind Wunderlist and which would eventually replace Wunderlist: "Once we are confident that we have incorporated the best of Wunderlist into To-Do, we will retire Wunderlist".

One of the big draws of Microsoft To-Do is the "My Day" feature, which encourages users to focus on daily tasks by offering a fresh list every day.

The interface is centered around a task list with items you intend to complete that day.

Microsoft To-Do is available on the App Store. There is an AI twist added as well, with the app also suggesting tasks that you might need to do based on what you have done before.

To-Do List arrives on Windows 10 as a universal app, so it works on both PCs along with smartphones running Windows 10 Mobile.

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Aside from crucial syncing features, which sees lists in To-Do as easily accessible via Office 365 apps, all user data will be encrypted for increased security. It is essentially a task management app to help plan and manage our day. To get access to the preview, users need Office 365 Home, Personal, Business Essentials, Business Premium or Enterprise E1, E3 and E5 subscriptions. While there is a Windows Phone version of Microsoft Authenticator-as those phones have a tiny slice of the market share-iOS and Android versions were the top priority.

Microsoft has launched a new application where users of the system can list their to-do list.

"Intelligent Suggestions" is a button that will allow Microsoft to plan your life for you, creating a list that it thinks is in the most logical order. It's powered with the company's own Office 365 integration and "intelligent algorithm". List sharing, as well as apps for Mac, iPad and Android tablets are in the works.

If you're anxious about Wunderlist, then know that at least for the time being, Wunderlist will continue to exist, though To-Do already has an import feature to bring all your lists over. This means that interested users will be able to test the app's powers as this will come with a web, Android phone, Windows 10 devices, and iPhone versions.