China's Xi says willing to help end rift with South Korea

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The South Korean leader had pledged to review the hasty deployment of THAAD at a golf course in central South Korea.

At the talks Abe and Moon Hee-sang, a lawmaker of the ruling Democratic Party in South Korea, reaffirmed an agreement made between Abe and Moon Jae-in by telephone after the latter was sworn in as president recently, to build a future-oriented bilateral relationship.

"Since previous year, the bilateral relationship has suffered an undeserved frustration, which we are not willing to see", Wang told Lee in his opening remarks.

Xi Jinping urged Seoul to respect its concerns and resolve tensions over the deployment of a United States anti-missile system that it opposes.

U.S. President Donald Trump has sought the help of China, South Korea and Japan in pressuring North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to halt testing of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

Xi welcomed Lee at the Fujian Room in the Great Hall of the People, where Lee delivered a letter from newly elected President Moon Jae-in, South Korean news service EDaily reported Friday. Still, some say Korean cultural content may not be as popular in China as before, with Beijing making moves to protect its own content industry.

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He said he "does not agree with what China is doing" and prodded its officials "do something about illegal drugs brought here from Chinese sources".

Chinese official media quoted Xi as saying China is committed to resolving any issues through dialogue and coordination.

South Korea and the United States agreed during a visit to Seoul by Trump's national security advisers this week to formulate a "bold and pragmatic" joint approach, Cho added. South Korean businesses have faced boycotts, especially the retail group Lotte which provided the land on which the system is being constructed. Jiechi said that Beijing 's "major concerns" should be respected, and that he hopes the THAAD issue will be appropriately resolved.

Tension has remained high on the Korean Peninsula over the past months between the United States and North Korea over the U.S. threat to stage military attacks against Pyongyang in response to its nuclear and missile programs.

Moon, for his part, in the run up to him winning the presidential election in South Korea said he would look to renegotiate and revise the 2015 agreement inked between both countries.

The long-disputed THAAD deployment was constantly opposed by China, which has urged a peaceful solution to the Korean crisis.

Chinese-South Korean relations deteriorated after Seoul approved the positioning of the system.