Great White Sharks Off California Beaches Trigger Warnings

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On Thursday morning, Long Beach lifeguards confirmed there had been sightings, and that a shark advisory was in effect.

The video posted online, shows a helicopter crew flying over a school of sharks swimming near a group of people at Dana Point, The Telegraph reports.

Last month, a 33-year-old woman was attacked by a shark while swimming off a state beach in San Diego County.

KABC-TV reported at least ten young great white sharks were making wide circles within 50 yards of the beach, and shared helicopter footage with viewers.

People have to remember: Spring and summer have always been shark season in Southern California.

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Fire Capt. Cameron Abel of the Marine Safety Unit in Long Beach said the increase in shark sightings was similar to an influx seen at this time past year. "When they're babies, they're afraid of pretty much everything, so they may not really be that different from us", Lowe said.

Young said it was not an ocean closure, which occurs when sharks are more than 8-foot long and/or are acting aggressively in the water.

Officials say dozens of what appear to be Portuguese man-of-war have drifted ashore on SC beaches. Signs have been posted warning swimmers and surfers of the risk and fishermen have been asked not to do anything disruptive to the sharks.

Abel added that, to date, there have been no reports of aggressive sharks in Long Beach. "They've been protected in USA waters since 2005", Lowe said. "I've seen the fin when the shark comes out".

The population of great whites off Southern California is also higher in part because they have been protected by federal law for years and the region is a nursery for sharks, according to researchers. When anything threatens shark populations, many other marine lifeforms suffer.