Iran says dialogue, peaceful means key to solving Syria issue

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During an official visit in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, the United States president branded Iran as this influential and resourceful key for the militant groups from Middle East, which in reality, represents a not-so-subtle message for Tehran's government, especially because Rouhani recently won his second presidential term.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan congratulated his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani over his recent election victory, according to a presidential source.

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In related news, The Washington Post quoted Rouhani as saying that Iranians are "waiting for this government to become stable intellectually" and that "hopefully, things will settle down... so we could pass more accurate judgments".

Rouhani's comments come after U.S. President Donald Trump sealed a multibillion arms deal with Saudi officials during his maiden trip overseas as U.S. president.

But the foundation of power is national strength and this only happens through elections", Rouhani said."Maybe it will help if Saudi leaders let their people to decide over their country's fate by casting their vote.

Annan said it's hard to predict what might happen if Iran is pushed too far, "but what we should learn is that it wasn't sanctions, it wasn't tough actions, that brought the nuclear agreement - it was engagement".

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Rouhani was responding to Trump's controversial statements he made during a visit to Israel on May 22.

On May 17, 2017, the US Administration upheld the Iran sanctions waiver, keeping the nuclear deal alive. "Those who provide consultations or advice to the Americans, unfortunately, they are the rulers who either push America awry or with money, they just buy some people in America". "They should be picked by the people".

He recalled that Saudi Arabia had given almost $100 billion to former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, during Iraq's imposed war on Iran in the 1980s.

Trump repeatedly has criticized Iran in speeches on his first foreign trip.

"Whatever any nation attempts to do, whatever policy any government pursues, and whatever any U.S. administration tries to do in order to moderate Iran, rationalize it or make peace, one can't change this underlying ideological and revolutionary pillar", he added.

Trump raised the possibility of meeting North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un and Annan said "Iran has shown more discipline and responsibility than North Korea". Our missiles are for peace and for defence ... "We will not negotiate with anyone over the development of our missile technology, and we will not wait for the permission of no organization or country".