Lack Of Sleep Makes People Less Attractive

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These changes alter our perception of attractiveness, intelligence and health, according to the study, suggesting beauty sleep could be a real thing.

Using 25 University students, some female and some male, Swedish researchers found that when participants appeared visibly exhausted they were less likely to be approached by strangers or friends.

Merely a couple of bad night's sleep can make a person look "significantly" more unattractive while dark circles will prevent others from wanting to socialise with you, reports the BBC.

"An unhealthy-looking face, whether due to sleep deprivation or otherwise, might activate disease-avoiding mechanisms in others", researchers from Sweden's Karolinska Institute said.

Next, the researchers showed the photos to a different set of 122 volunteers they called "raters". They also assessed their attractiveness, health, sleepiness, and trustworthiness. They were also asked how likely they would be to socialize with the participants. The adults were asked to rate how attractive, healthy, or trustworthy they perceived the person in each photograph to be, as well as whether they would like to socialize with that person.

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"I don't want to worry people or make them lose sleep over these findings though".

The team discovered that the strangers successfully identified whether subjects on photos were sleep deprived.

The effect of sleep deprivation on other people's desire to socialize with that person was small, but still significant, according to the study's authors. Or, she adds, it could also be that we tend to assume that people who look exhausted aren't going to be in the mood for socializing.

In even more bad news for poor sleepers, they found that people are less inclined to want to socialize with you if you're exhausted. When asked the latter question, the participants said they were less willing to hang out with the sleepy looking photographs. So for now, try your best to avoid those lost hours of mind-numbing Instagram scrolling before bed-and get some damn beauty sleep.

Still, the findings are interesting - if only as a reminder of the many ways that not getting enough sleep can negatively affect your wellbeing, including, apparently, your social wellbeing.