Mulvaney Answers Congress' Questions About Trump's 2018 Budget

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"The Medicaid cuts being proposed by Republicans and Donald Trump are not only unconscionable but also represent a monumental lie to all of America - particularly Trump voters - who were told that Medicaid cuts would not happen if he was elected", he said in a statement.

"That's not true", said Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney. The food stamp program serves about 42 million people.

Mulvaney told the committee that the FY 2018 budget seeks to eliminate the federal deficit within in the next decade and also strives to grow the economy at an annual rate of three percent.

"Among the litter of broken promises already dispersed en masse by this tragically inexperienced administration, perhaps most egregious are the violations within the document that was just released".

These assumptions and problems have led many economists and even Republican lawmakers to push back on the proposal.

Members of Idaho's congressional delegation have been characteristically measured in their initial assessment of the Trump budget. Sen. "If the Trump budget were enacted, many of Idaho's public efforts from providing access to health care to continuing the restoration of education funding would be jeopardized".

Republicans, he said, care about the poor, kids and elderly.

It's worse than even some of President Trump's most vociferous critics could have imagined.

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Mr Trump's budget is simply a proposal.

The budget plan calls for boosting defense spending by $54 billion, a 10 percent increase, for this year, with that increase financed by an equal cut to nondefense programs.

"In particular, this budget will devastate Pennsylvanians living in rural communities by decimating Medicaid and cutting vital economic development programs", Casey said.

Another big factor contributing to the coverage loss would be cuts to Medicaid funding of at least $600 billion, as detailed in the administration's budget.

"It appears to be the most egregious accounting error in a presidential budget in the almost 40 years I have been tracking them", he wrote in his blog.

One of the best ways to evaluate government spending is as a proportion of the total economy, since that can help to account for changes in population, inflation and the budget priorities that define a presidency.

Trumponomics is anything that can get the USA economy soaring to 3 percent growth, the administration's top economic advisers told Congress this week, saying the only way the federal government can balance its books is to get the economy humming that fast. In his introductory message in the budget, Trump wrote that "to unleash the power of American work and creativity - and drive opportunity and faster economic growth - we must reprioritize Federal spending so that it advances the safety and security of the American people".

That discrepancy aside, other assessments of the Trump budget note its outsize impact on the president's own supporters in red-state America, many of whom depend on the domestic programs that face steep cuts.