Philippines Proposes 'Gentleman's Agreement' with China on South China Sea

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"His response to me, 'we're friends, we don't want to quarrel with you, we want to maintain the presence of warm relationship, but if you force the issue, we'll go to war'". Duterte is known for his sometimes-provocative remarks, which his office usually retracts later and blames media for spinning some of his words.

It did not mention Manila's victory previous year before a United Nations-backed arbitration court, which ruled that China's claims on the disputed waters did not have legal basis.

Carpio said Manila can also bring Beijing's threat before the United Nations General Assembly by sponsoring a resolution condemning China's threat of war against the Philippines and demanding that China comply with the ruling of the UNCLOS arbitral tribunal. One Belt, One Road is a massive infrastructure undertaking spearheaded by China that would link Asian and Middle Eastern economies even more tightly to China.

Indonesian soldiers patrol the border between Papua New Guinea and Indonesia to check boundary markers in Waris, Keerom, Papua province, March 17, 2016 in this photo taken by Antara Foto.

Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio (3rd from right) and former foreign secretary Albert del Rosario (1st) both criticize China for threatening war against the Philippines.

Representatives of the Philippines and China met Friday in Guiyang, China, for the first session of their joint consultation mechanism for resolving South China Sea disputes.

"We will give the full report once it's done as we want to make sure that everything is agreed upon by the leaders and ministers involved", he said.

UN Security Council condemns North Korea's missiles tests
It flew 435 miles but took 30 minutes to do so - meaning that it would have reached an apogee of about 1,240 miles, Wright said. Instead, the statement called for "all nations to implement far stronger sanctions against North Korea".

According to the state-owned Defense Times newspaper, the launchers were installed to combat Vietnamese military divers.

China and ASEAN countries on Thursday approved a draft framework of the South China Sea Code of Conduct, marking a milestone in peacefully resolving the South China Sea issue.

The draft framework for the CoC came as the Philippines, which chairs this year's ASEAN meetings, started a bilateral consultation with Beijing on Friday over their competing claims in the resource-rich sea. The Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan also have claims to the sea.

Tuejeh said an investigation is underway to find out why the weaponry, purchased from China in 2003, malfunctioned.

In this September 23, 2015, photo, provided by Renato Etac, a Chinese Coast Guard boat sprays a water cannon at Filipino fishermen near Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea.

Romana said the Philippines side and the China delegation headed by Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin, have found ways to discuss maritime cooperation in the South China Sea.

China's efforts to assert its dominance over the South China Sea, where more than $5 trillion in annual trade is ferried, have in the past angered Southeast Asian nations with competing claims, such as Vietnam and the Philippines.