Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Release Date, FC Barcelona Special Edition Announced

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One thing that will please PC players is that Konami has stated the PC version will be up to 'the standard of the leading console iterations'. Unsurprisingly, Steam reviews haven't been kind.

After this morning's leak, it's been made official: Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is out on September 14 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.

"PES 2018 is a title that finds the series at the very top of its game", commented Masami Saso, president of Konami Digital Entertainment B.V.

WCCF Tech reported that one of the new features of the game will be called Real Touch +. Which is a given since the publisher's football franchise releases every year.

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Additionally, the game has been refined to reflect a more realistic pace. The players have been captured again and the animations have been improved to obtain a more realistic movements as well as being able to represent them with all details.

Among the new features are "strategic dribbling", and set pieces "take the unrivalled gameplay to the next level". In addition over 20,000 components have been recreated such as turf, tunnels, and surrounding areas of stadiums to remain faithful to their real-world counterparts.

PES League intergration in new modes such as myClub, Random Selection Match and co-op. Finally, player models have been completely changed, with special attention paid to kit fitting and short size. KONAMI's agreements with partner teams will also see tattoos recreated on players as well. (With additional support for local team-mates and/or opponents.) Solo players are catered for too, as a mini Master League overhaul adds dressing room interactions, pre-season tournaments, and a revised transfer system.

It basically looks like Konami have rebuilt PES 2018 from the ground up to offer an incredibly realistic football game for current-gen consoles and PC, both visually and mechanically.