Rallies for Workers, Immigrants Rights Mark May Day Around the World

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Three days later, a meeting that began peacefully at Haymarket Square in Chicago became violent when a bomb was set off, killing police officers who were monitoring the demonstration.

Meanwhile in Portland, "numerous people have been arrested" in a May Day rally and march turned riot because of anarchists, police said.

Police said on Twitter Monday that anarchists destroyed a police vehicle, damaged numerous windows and property, started fires in the streets and attacked police.

"They didn't find them, but they did arrest at least a dozen others and put them in deportation proceedings", Joel says.

Sandra Scribner Merlim, the wife of one of those immigrants, spoke at Monday's rally saying her husband isn't a criminal in the US illegally who wants to harm people. And they sparked at least four arrests after creating a human chain to block a county building in Oakland, Calif., where demonstrators demanded that county law enforcement refuse to collaborate with federal immigration agents.

In Los Angeles, organisers said hundreds of thousands of people were expected at an event where 100 labour and community groups planned to show a "united" front against Trump.

"My stepdad is a USA citizen, was born here, raised here, (has) family here, for years and years and years".

"Our presence in this country is being questioned by Donald Trump", he said.

Demonstrations on May Day, celebrated as International Workers' Day, featured similar activity, with protesters from the Philippines to Paris demanding better working conditions.

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Immigrants rights groups like CASA are teaming up with labor unions including local SEIU and AFL-CIO chapters, following a trend of marches this year that have sought intersectional platforms. If you haven't heard why people are protesting on May 1, don't be ashamed, because these protests aren't expected to be quite as big as some of the other ones that the Trump administration has witnessed in its short span - but you can help change that.

Brenda Enriquez says she's participating in a protest for the first time because "Trump is threatening to kick us out". They chanted "Donald Trump has got to go!" at the White House gates. The day is commemorated as a national holiday in over 80 countries. Police in Olympia, Washington, said nine people were taken into custody after several officers were injured by thrown rocks and windows were broken at businesses in Washington's capital city.

Rally goers spoke out against what they call the anti-immigrant policies of President Trump, including calls to signing an executive order on a travel ban from certain countries, which has been blocked by a federal judge in Hawaii, and calls to build a wall on the U.S - Mexico border.

In Philadelphia, about 1,000 school teachers, who've been working without a contract for years, protested outside schools around the city.

The Washington marchers began their trek through the city at Dupont Circle and ended up at the White House.

Union members typically march globally on May 1 to support workers' rights.

In Portland, Oregon, about 200 people including families with children and dancers in bright, feathered headdresses performing to drums, took part in the protests.

In cities large and small, the protests intensified throughout the day.

But as experts beseech Congress to recognize the benefits of immigration reform, immigrants and activists are gathering in the streets with a much simpler goal: Make Trump's America recognize the dignity of the 11 million people powering America's economy from the shadows. And the platform of the Women's March in January was similarly broad, adding LGBTQIA, worker, and disability rights.