Trailblazing Partnership to Galvanize Workplace Mental Health Efforts

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Together, these efforts address the enormous societal and business costs of mental health conditions, which are projected to drain $16 trillion in economic output by 2030.

The theme for Mental Health Awareness week this year is surviving or thriving, a cause that Janey Templer-Milligan, co-lead counsellor for Self Harmony at Swindon Mind, is keen to champion.

Time and time again, research [pdf] shows that poverty exacerbates mental health issues by increasing feelings of humiliation, fear, distrust, isolation, insecurity and powerlessness. People like Piers, especially those who are in the public eye, are narrow-minded and quite frankly a disgrace to themselves and an insult to anyone who lives with mental health or cares for those living with mental health.

Theresa May has pledged to scrap the Mental Health Act 1983 if the Conservatives are re-elected.

These were just some of the findings in a federally funded study conducted by Michigan State University that looked at mental-health literacy around four major issues: anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse and prescription drug abuse. People who use food banks face many of these - often at the same time.

Ahead for Saturday: People often reach a crisis before seeking help. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. That leader was then able to understand how a person can have discouraging thinking that can result in ineffective choices that affect their health, engagement and productivity.

More than half of the van drivers with poor mental health said that increased time pressures (52%) and increased workload (50%) are factors affecting their mental health, with one in three believing that job uncertainty is contributing to their poor mental health and 17% of delivery drivers adding that road congestion is impacting on their state of mind.

Taylor said the System of Care program was another service offered by CCS that provided 12 through 21 year olds with counseling and emotional support.

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By harnessing young people's experiences and views, decision-makers can now gain deeper understanding of mental health issues in their area and new insights about effective solutions. Everyone knows a little bit about mental health issues.

Enjoy the gift of renewed focus - think of all the occasions when your attention was split between checking social media and having a conversation or watching TV or walking along and just tune into the moment of what you're doing without the distraction.

May said: "On my first day in Downing Street last July, I described shortfalls in mental health services as one of the burining injustices in our country".

"It's all about a drive to find out different ways that we can help our patients access goods and services, for free - the majority of them are free".

Fourth, we must provide teachers with high quality, meaningful professional development on students' mental health needs.

Each agency will also give a brief talk about what they do and there will be training by the Dearborn County Health Department on Narcan.

The Conservative government has already made a number of pledges to improve mental health provision, including hiring 10,000 more NHS mental health staff by 2020 and spending more money on it - including £1bn extra agreed in January.

So rejoice. We've launched a snazzy new podcast discussing all things mental health without getting too serious, science-y, or stuffy. "People need to tell their doctor, or call our office, or just tell a friend". It is quite common for individuals to be unaware of a mental health problem they may have or to actively deny that such a problem exists.