United Nations condemns North Korea missile launch, vows new sanctions

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To that end, the Security Council demanded the DPRK conduct no further nuclear and ballistic missile tests.

South Korea's military fired warning shots at a suspected drone from North Korea on Tuesday amid tension over Pyongyang's latest missile test which drew global condemnation and a warning from China.

South Korea military said Monday the missile is a medium-range projectile but Pyongyang has yet to acquire the re-entry technology for ICBMs.

"The disclosure of the photos seems to be meant to show off its confidence in its atmospheric re- entry technology to the world", said senior researcher Yang Uk of Seoul-based think-tank Korea Defence Forum, as quoted by Yonhap.

The statement said North Korea's "illegal ballistic missile activities are significantly contributing to its development of nuclear weapons delivery systems and are greatly increasing tension in the region and beyond".

On Sunday, the North Korean military conducted a second, successful test of the Pukguksong-2, a solid-fuel intermediate range ballistic missile based on a design derived from the country's submarine-launched ballistic missile. It had a shorter range than the three previous missiles tested.

North Korean media reports shows leader Kim Jong Un observing what appeared to be video relayed back from the warhead on the missile.

The North has bragged that the missile test was aimed at verifying its capability of carrying "a large-size heavy nuclear warhead". "Supreme leader Kim Jong Un said it feels grand to look at the Earth from the rocket we launched and the entire world looks so handsome", KCNA said.

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South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement that the South Korean military bolstered its air surveillance and broadcast a warning to North Korea in response to the object.

Unification Ministry spokesman Lee Duk Haeng said that the main inter-Korean issues, including civilian exchanges, will be flexibly reviewed within the limits of the framework of the worldwide community's sanctions on the North.

Now that Mr Moon has taken office, expectations are running high for the resumption of humanitarian aid and civilian exchanges between the two sides.

The long-range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-12 (Mars-12) is launched during a test in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on May 15, 2017.

The UNSC is also due to hold a meeting behind closed doors on Tuesday at the request of the US, Japan and South Korea to discuss the North latest Korean launch.

China has continued to call for dialogue to ease tensions on the Korean peninsula, reported Agence France-Presse.

Following the May 16 Security Council meeting, North Korean Deputy U.N. Ambassador Kim In Ryong called a news conference to protest Security Council sanctions and vowed to continue developing its weapons programs unless the US changes its policy toward the North.

Sunday's missile test was tracked by US Pacific Command.