US Senators on Defensive Over All-male Health Care Panel

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56 percent of Americans disapprove of the GOP's health care plan, the American Health Care Act; 21 percent approve.

Under the initial proposal, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office concluded 14 million Americans would lose their health insurance within a year, and within a decade, the number of people without insurance would nearly double to 52 million.

Nelson confronted Walker at a tourism-related event in front of TV cameras to ask if the governor would allow insurance companies to charge people with pre-existing conditions more for coverage - a key tenet of the House bill. Insurers have been pulling out because of the uncertainty Republicans have created. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to kill it.

Some in the Senate have argued for taking the House bill straight to a vote on the Senate floor, but others are calling for a more deliberate process to address concerns with the resolution.

But this was a hollow victory, as McCarthy's remarks, which border on disavowal of the House bill, made clear.

Things might be complicated in the Senate because once the public "is on the dole, they'll take every dime they can", Senator Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, said recently. "There are their own legislative body".

The bill allows people to keep their expanded Medicaid as long as they remain eligible.

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If so, the test will be simple. Of course, since the Congressional Budget Office had not yet scored the new health care bill, no one knows what will happen to premiums. If you cut federal spending on health insurance, the result will not be the same amount of coverage at a lower price.

Quinnipiac University is out with polling showing the health care bill and the president's approach to the issue underwater.

The ratings represent a net 7-point swing from the previous poll - and it's the second time Trump's job performance numbers have fallen after a high-profile health care event on Capitol Hill. "If you're now getting your health insurance through Medicaid, nothing's going to change". Any deal. Don't bother him with details.

Barely two days into crafting a new bill to roll back Obamacare, U.S. Senate Republicans were already on the defensive on Tuesday over the absence of any women in their core working group. The spotlight is now on the Senate.

Each of these organizations is committed to improving access to high quality, affordable health care in Vermont and continues to work independently and in collaboration toward this united goal.

I guess this is some version of "America First", especially if you realize that the America that is being referred to is only that of the economic elite with the rest of us footing the bill.