Apple unveils watchOS 4 with a ton of new features

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This new update will bring Siri to the Apple Watch, at last.

WatchOS 4 offers new workouts like high-intensity interval training, personalized notifications to help you stay motivated, and the option to have your playlists start as soon as you begin a workout.

Apple today detailed the changes that are coming to the Apple Watch with watchOS 4.

AppleWhen Apple unveiled the new Apple Watch operating system at its annual developer conference on Monday, it was clear that the focus is on fitness.

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The watch face will refresh whenever users raise their wrist throughout the day and enable users to flip through cards serving up different pieces of information. This face, powered by Siri Intelligence, will update contemporaneously with new information depending on the user's needs and habits. But now that the first developer preview of the software has been released, so have release notes for the future OS upgrade for the fourth-generation Apple TV.

Apple has also prepped an updated Workout experience in watchOS 4.

If you've ever tried to track your indoor workouts, you may have noticed some discrepancies between what your fitness tracker tells you and what the treadmill tells you, and it can be hard to tell which one to listen to. Apple recently bought the sleep tracking app Beddit and we expect some of those features to be included on the Apple Watch 3 as well as watchOS 4.

We also have our fingers crossed that it'll be easier to combine your watchOS fitness stats with other third-party apps, but there are no rumors to back this up at the moment. Apple says Apple Watch-compatible gym equipment will start rolling out this fall. The update is a substantial release for existing Apple Watch owners but it wasn't accompanied by any new hardware for people not yet bought into the ecosystem. If you're on the go and can't reach your phone, you'll be able to send funds to your contacts from the Watch.