Cavaliers join teams in on Jimmy Butler

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However, it is Jimmy Butler's future with the team that is now up for debate.

The entire National Basketball Association might be interested in trading for Chicago Bulls superstar Jimmy Butler by the end of the week. Does adding Butler to the mix get them over the hump?

The Boston Celtics have agreed to trade the No. 1 overall pick to the Philadelphia 76ers, and that deal is reportedly just the first step in a series of blockbuster moves Danny Ainge is hoping to make. In the meantime, the Bulls are preparing for the draft, in which they own the 16th and 38th picks. In theory the Celtics have assets the Bulls would want to jumpstart a rebuild-multiple draft picks and existing talent they could ask for. The Celtics have enough to put a competitive team on the floor as is without having to add a player of Butler's caliber.

While he may have an uneasy relationship with management and would prefer to be moved, the Bulls won't make a trade unless they get a big haul for him.

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And the possibility of selecting in the top five of the draft for the next couple years would be intriguing to a front office that's stated the difficulty in selecting in the middle of the first round and finding productive players.

What's stopping the Celtics from pursuing Butler in July if they need to or want to, depending on how Hayward's free agency concludes?

While no one knows where Butler will play next season, one thing is becoming clear - his time with the Bulls is probably over.