Cosby judge could revisit issue of revealing names of jurors

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Jurors were selected in Pittsburgh because of concerns about the jury pool in Montgomery County, Pa., being tainted by intense pre-trial publicity.

As many know, and as Salon indicated, Cosby's trial for sexual assault charges featured a limited defense, as Cosby's team only called one witness to the stand. They told Judge Steven O'Neill on the fourth day that they could not reach a unanimous verdict.

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele immediately came out and stated that he will retry Mr. Cosby on the criminal charge that he sexually assaulted Andrea Constand.

Neither Cosby nor his team would address the district attorney's statement that he would seek another trial in this case.

Bill Cosby exits the Montgomery County Courthouse after a mistrial in his sexual assault case in Norristown, Pa., Saturday, June 17, 2017.

NY lawyer Paul Callan, a former prosecutor, said he thought it would be "exceptionally difficult" for the state to win a second trial against Cosby.

Attorney Brian McMonagle spoke with Jean Casarez of CNN after jurors were deadlocked Saturday in the case near Philadelphia.

Cosby's wife, Camille, attacked the prosecutors, the media and the judge in a statement after the mistrial.

Although Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial ended in a mistrial on Saturday, his legal problems persist as he faces assault and defamation claims in civil lawsuits, where the bar for evidence is lower than in criminal cases.

The names remain shielded under a protective order that several news outlets have challenged.

Bill Cosby's defense attorney said he is "greatly concerned for his health" after the aggravated indecent assault trial for the 79-year-old entertainer ended in a mistrial.

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The jurors clearly struggled with their verdict, telling Judge Steven O'Neill on Thursday they were at impasse. We can now wonder if a lot of those kinds of attitudes were at play in.

The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done. Cosby says it was consensual.

Two women jurors looked anguished when they announced the final deadlock, wiping away tears.

Some of you reading this will find it hard to understand that for years Bill Cosby was America's dad. It is not yet clear why jurors could not reach a verdict, or how close they came.

Mike McCloskey appears to be the first member of the sequestered 12-person jury or the panel of six alternates to speak publicly about the case. She believes the breakdown of the first Cosby jury is important to know, but perhaps not predictive of how the second trial might go.

"Anything can happen because it's a new set of jurors", Levenson said.

Steele said he's disappointed the jury was unable to agree on the charges, but vowed to put Cosby on trial again. "She's a very spiritual woman, she believes things happen for a goal, and I think the objective is ... it should encourage other women to come forward and have their day in court".

While Simpson was acquitted in the 1995 criminal case, a jury in the civil case ordered him to pay $25 million in punitive damages to the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald L. Goldman, who were together when they were killed. O'Neill could schedule the retrial within weeks.

He dismissed questions about the allegations during an Associated Press interview in 2014 and pressed the reporter not to let the public see or hear his answers to the questions.

But it also reveals something else: How the court of public opinion can overlook scandal in one pop culture moment, only to deliver a very different verdict in another, later, time.