Intel showcases new PC gaming, virtual reality experiences

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And while existing hardcore VR gamers will welcome the news, without a confirmed hit VR title out there (neither Insomniac games, the maker of The Unspoken, nor Oculus will reveal user numbers), it might seem a bit early to begin building entire leagues around VR esports.

In a move unexpected by many, Intel and ESL have come together to announce a $1,000,000 (£790,201.51) CS:GO prize dubbed the "Intel Grand Slam". "This year, we have made a decision to take our commitment to the next level", Intel CEO Steven Fund said in a statement. It will be the first desktop PC processor with 18 cores, allowing it to handle "all the megatasking demands of gaming, VR, content creation and more", Intel said.

The Grand Slam is a $1 million prize, awarded on top of the regular tournament prizes, awarded to the first team that can win four out of the last ten $200,000 CS:GO events held between Dreamhack and ESL.

Now that the competitive series has been announced, it's just a matter of letting esports history unfold to see if VR is really ready to compete with traditional console and PC gaming.

Image oculus
Image oculus

The Grand Slam is part of a larger announcement in which Intel will become the "Global Technical Partner" of ESL, in which Intel will become "the backbone of all ESL esports operations on a pro, amateur and grassroots level".

The first event was the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals, for which G2 took home the victory.

"In this next phase of our long-time partnership with ESL, we're investing in the development of future esports stars, further expanding our global footprint with the Intel®Extreme Masters circuit, and exploring fresh formats like the Intel®Grand Slam that we announced today".

The next step for ESL and Intel's relationship comes in the form of "The Intel Grand Slam" a ten event circuit that grants the victor of four events $1,000,000.

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