Interactive Spider-Man from Sphero cracks jokes, brings you on superhero missions

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Thanks to Disney's friends from Sphero, you can now join forces with Spider-Man and enter the Marvel Universe like never before with their voice interactive Spider-Man toy.

Spider-Man is now in development for PS4 and PS4 Pro. Its stumpy arms are poseable, but he's otherwise immobile. Now, as we await Spider-Man Homecoming, Sphero has announced a new must-have geek gadget.

Built with fully animated LCD eyes and motion detection, Spider-Man is as expressive as he is perceptive.

Since this new Spider-Man toy uses voice commands, it's understandable that parents might worry about privacy. Once you do that, the logo lights up and microphones listen for key words and phrases, like "What's the crime report?" And Spider-Man has many tales to tell.

Spider-Man is iOS and Android compatible, and he's available now on the Sphero website.

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If you see the truck or them, they are considered "armed and risky ", and you should call, 911 or 877-WANTED2 (926-8332). Monica had worked for the facility for almost eight years after being hired in October of 2009.

Stay tuned to our Marvel's Spider-Man preview straight from the E3 show floor, which should be swinging to the site soon. When not fighting bad guys, hang out and strike up some banter with your friendly neighborhood hero.

Ultimate Experience - Spidey's web connection allows you to get content updates. You are not allowed to kill anyone, there will be a lot of gameplay with stories backed by cinematic and some chapter focus on young 23 old Peter Parker. You can also ask him what his favorite color is or what he's up to, and his responses will be playful just like the on-screen Spider-Man. He also noted that the scene "means a lot".

Put simply, this is a toy with intelligence.

The interactive device looks different from anything else Sphero has created, in that it's stationary and made of a rubber material - all the company's other toys are designed to move. I turned Interactive Spider-Man upside down and it said. Volume is controlled via the app. You turn off this mode by telling Spider-Man to "Stand down". That's why there isn't a camera and Spider-Man isn't always listening. The toy remembers where kids left off, too, so they can immediately come back to their story wherever they left it. Spider-Man has more than 400 pages-worth of content stored onboard and 100 storylines, which Sphero expects will take months to go through. He even appears to do so, but it's a ruse.

In general, though, this could be the ideal companion for a Spider-Man-obsessed 8 year-old (or older) who wants wants to live the Spidey lifestyle with all the entertainment and activity value, but none of the real-world risks. Both The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gave players the option to use alternative costumes and skins, for example, with the latter offering up Miles Morales' suit.