Qatar won't cut gas to UAE - Qatar Petroleum CEO

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The statement further added that the two top diplomats of Saudi Arabia and Egypt demanded from the ex-president to declare his support in the isolation of Qatar.

There has been speculation that its closure could help end the diplomatic crisis which erupted last month between Qatar and its neighbours in the Gulf over Doha's alleged support of extremists. Qatar's foreign minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani gestures as he speaks to reporters in Doha, Qatar, June 8, 2017.

As the state-run broadcaster of Qatar, Al Jazeera is facing accusations of promoting terrorist "plots" from Saudi Arabia, which closed the broadcaster's office this month, along with Jordan.

Joshua Teitelbaum, a specialist on Saudi Arabia at Bar Ilan University's Besa Center, says Saudi dissatisfaction with Doha is longstanding.

If the motive of IMA is to isolate Iran and take action against Qatar, in that case, Pakistan must adopt a bold stand by withdrawing from that alliance, which is becoming a source of embarrassment and rift in the Arab-Muslim World.

The important point to keep in mind is that Qatar talks to these actors and does not necessarily give them material or financial support, Juneau says.

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In that case, Pakistan can coordinate with Oman and Kuwait, the two neutral GCC members on Qatar crisis and compel Saudi Arabia and Qatar to resolve their contentious issues through negotiations.

What's the role of Turkey and Iran in this crisis?
"We ask Qatar, and other nations in the region to do more and do it faster".

Some wonder whether all this pressure on Qatar might backfire, driving the country into an alliance with Russia, Turkey and Iran - one with very different objectives from the U.S.

Iranian reports said the incident happened late on Friday. Qatar's North Dome gas field extends into Iranian waters, where it's known as the South Pars field.

The Saudis were emboldened to act against Qatar by the recent visit to Riyadh of US President Donald Trump and the unqualified backing he expressed for them, in contrast to what they felt was a lukewarm posture on the part of the Obama administration.

In 2002, Saudi Arabia proposed allowing for a general recognition of Israel in return for a peace deal with the Palestinians and a withdrawal from the occupied territories.