Reality Winner, Accused NSA Leaker, To Enter Not Guilty Plea

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The NSA document provided technical details on what it said were Russian attempts to hack election officials in the United States and a voting-machine firm before the US presidential election in November.

Ed Tarver, former U.S. District attorney and Federal prosecutor spoke to NewsChannel 6 about the likelihood of victor being released on bond and the charges she could face if convicted. "But she's now the poster child for every bad thing that happens, and the government is going to prosecute her as if she's the number one threat to national security, and she's not".

According to court documents, a federal grand jury indicted 25-year-old Reality Winner on a single count - "willful retention and transmission of national defense information".

Winner, a contractor with Pluribus International Corporation in Georgia, faces up to 10 years in prison for leaking classified information.

The revelation came to light when victor appeared in court Thursday to plead not guilty to one charge of removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet.

Authorities haven't described the report or named the news outlet.

Russian hackers attacked at least one USA voting software supplier days before last year's presidential election, according to a classified government intelligence report leaked on Monday that suggests election-related hacking penetrated further into United States voting systems than previously known. The outlet said in a statement Monday that it doesn't know its source's identity, but the government has told news outlets it was victor.

According to the report, "the U.S. Government Agency determined that six individuals printed this reporting".

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It's the same charge federal authorities used to arrest victor, a government contractor and former Air Force linguist, after FBI agents interviewed her and searched her Augusta home Saturday. "She is a victor", Gary said.

"We don't know how much more she knows and how much more she remembers", Solari said.

Be proactive - Use the "Flag as Inappropriate" link at the upper right corner of each comment to let us know of abusive posts. The information in them are arguably classified and she may have shared something that was damaging from a national security standpoint, she may not have. He says she has never ran away from anything and there's no reason to hold her.

As for her purported confession, he said, "The bigger issue is: Was my client interrogated without her attorney?"

"The government is scraping and clawing to build a mountain out of a molehill". There were no records of victor misbehaving or receiving disciplinary action when she served the military. Prosecutors don't think victor is a jihadist or terrorist sympathizer, they say that before she left the military, she inserted an external hard drive into a top-secret computer there. During that time, he said, victor provided real-time translation to Americans conducting field missions.

Solari countered that Winner's political agenda mattered more to her than her oath to protect secrets entrusted to her, adding that she might be tempted to flee if further charges were brought in the continuing investigation.

Titus Nichols said victor hopes to be released on bond Thursday. A further audit of the six individuals' desk computers revealed that victor had e-mail contact with the News Outlet. Victor asked if her mother and stepfather, who live in Texas, would travel to Georgia to help feed her cat.