Sony finally ends PS3 production in Japan

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This report comes from Gematsu who translated a page on the official PlayStation Japanese website which notes that production of the last remaining PlayStation 3 model, the 500 GB design, has ended. This end to shipments of the PS3 in Japan marks a significant finale to the popular run of the console in Sony's home country since it's release in 2006.

At the time of the release of the PS3, Sony promised they would offer support for the console for at least 10 years.

In less than two weeks, E3 2017 will descend upon Los Angeles, and the time for rumors and speculation will come to an end.

New members can get a 14-day trial of PS Plus for free. (The number may in fact be higher, but that's the last officially reckoned figure.) It is also weirdly analogous to the number of Xbox 360s Microsoft sold since its industry upending Xbox sequel launched a year earlier in 2005. The North American launch faired slightly better, but it wasn't enough to entice people to buy the expensive console. However, Sony will likely stop supporting the PS3 with game and system updates immediately. There are chances that Sony will include Nidhogg and Spy Chameleon into the PlayStation Plus free games library in June 2017. Instead of the usual six free games it looks like they limited it to just two but chose to go for some measure of quality over quantity.

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Sony has not revealed any details about the rumored Vita successor being called PlayStation Vita 2. Does this also mean that there is a move by Sony towards the PS5?

To date, the PS3 has sold over 80m units worldwide, putting it just below the Xbox 360 at 84m, but once again it pales compared to its predecessors.

According to a photo published on Reddit, Sony would soon market a new color of its console, the PlayStation 4 Slim Gold Edition. Looking at the past, these two titles won't be the end of it as there might be other freebies for PS3 and PS Vita as well.

Currently, the circulation of PlayStation 3 is about 80 million units.